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Eric accidentally starts a rumor that he and Abby are dating. Shelia asks Joel to consider being a member of the undead. Shelia and Joel have their first open house with their new company which has Shelia helping a woman from Anne's church group. At Sheila's home, Gary tries to force himself on her, threatening to tell others she was unfaithful if she refuses. Joel decides to take the remaining body parts out of the house in a cooler.

In the process they find a stash of money concluding Dan is a dirty cop. Shelia and Joel head to Tommy's and find his own kill room in the garage. Sheila stakes out Boone's house while Joel goes undercover at Japopo's but Joel is recognized for writing a negative Yelp review. Print out the map and home descriptions and select a few of the sites located in the same general area for an easy morning or afternoon stroll. Dan blackmails Joel into killing a guy named Loki.

Sheila and Joel decide they need to kill the zombified Gary. She and Joel suspect she killed Carl until Carl shows up to work and fires Sheila for missing the meeting. Abby is grumpy with them for being overbearing. In Shelia's quest to get Anne to stop believing she is a miracle from god, she admits the truth to her.

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Sheila gets Eric to unchain her. Two operational scale model railroad layout displays depicting various railroad eras and operations venues, plus areas devoted to artifacts and other railroad-related objects. Abby and Eric break into Goran's apartment to delete the evidence. The day after the events of the previous episode, pages have the Hammonds dealing with the aftermath. Joel quits his job and he and Sheila decide to establish their own real estate company.

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At the restaurant, Ron meets with the couple from Goran's apartment, Marsha and Paul. After Eric gives Ramona the serum to halt her deterioration, she admits that she was just using him for his ties to Abby's mother and they break up. Sheila is worried she bit Loki. The man sports a ball creature tattoo on his arm.

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They make a plan to find a bad person to kill. Joel proposes that Sheila stay in the basement until she can control herself. Meanwhile, Sheila tries to bond with Abby, as the two try to get her money back from the brother of the deceased chop shop owner.

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The Heritage Pavilion also provides online access to genealogy databases and includes a collection of research materials on Santa Clara City history. Santa Clara has many historic homes and structures that played important roles in the history of the City and Region. Santa Clarita was chosen because of its middle class residents. The black notebook in the corner of the garage on Benton Street in Santa Clara looked like nothing special.

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When Tommy goes to try killing Shelia, his daughter shows up so they rush home. Eric attempts to kill a red clam that Joel stole from Ruby's, but nothing works. Joel goes to stake out Colonel Ed Thune's house while Sheila attends a work meeting. Gary, Sheila's co-worker, entices Sheila to dance with him when Joel finds them. Eric calls Joel to show him that Japopo's used a different clam distributor, Ruby's Clams, the prime minister the day that the Hammonds ate there before Sheila's transformation.

  1. The Headen-Inman House includes a museum with photographs and artifacts related to the history of Santa Clara.
  2. Ron approaches Shelia and Joel about turning him into a member of the undead.
  3. Out of concern, Sheila and Joel force Abby to apologize to Christian only to discover that his parents are Chris and Christa, who try to blackmail the Hammonds with threats of Abby's expulsion.
  4. Cora Wolf moves in with the Hammonds to work on a cure for the virus, which has previously only been tested on rats.
  5. Joel and Shelia meet Morgan, a friend of Ron's who is also a member of the undead and he tries to kill them.

Ruby catches Sheila and Joel stealing her clams before Marsha and Paul blow up the building. Sheila and Joel delete the security videos and retrieve Sheila's boot. Loki is on the floor of a hotel room surrounded by vomit like Sheila was before.

Abby tells Eric that Dan is dead and he is fine with it. Joel takes Sheila to the emergency department but since it is slow they go home. Abby tells Eric she wants to use Dan's explosives, dating sites for boy but Eric backs out of the plan.

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Abby goes to say goodbye to Eric and they kiss. Joel and Shelia try to figure out what to do about Ron. Abby tells Eric about her extreme plan to stop local fracking.

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Joel and Sheila discuss balancing killing people and being parents. Anne shoots Sheila, who is unharmed, and Joel shows her Gary. Sheila and Joel confront Abby, but she feels no remorse. Joel defrosts Shelia's Mr.

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  • Sheila keeps the fact that her toe has fallen off from Joel.
  • Abby and Joel find another person from the Japopo's receipts who ordered the clam dish.
  • Sheila buys one as a future kill reference.
  • One of Shelia's murders shows up online due to Shelia returning the woman's cat to her.
  • Abby apologizes to Novak but gets expelled anyway.

Abby ditches the Environmental Club for something more extreme, with Eric's support. Sheila and Joel bring the deed to Kayla, but she still needs her car, which is with her ex-boyfriend, Boone. Rick talks to the couple about their new car and then Dan interrupts bringing them more ant spray. Anne catches Sheila and Joel in the middle of Gary's funeral and they tell her the truth. Joel goes to paranormal stores researching zombies.

To be consistent with a previous lie, Joel agrees to give Anne dance lessons. Sheila and Joel go to her and realize that becoming undead makes people who they always wanted to be. She suggests the women should live life to the fullest. These properties have been brought together in an online storyboard that includes photos, maps and historical information.

Shelia causes the woman to have a minor episode causing the women to help her out. Abby reluctantly encourages Eric to ask Ramona out. Anne shows Sheila her paintings. Abby meets a new boy, Sven.

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Joel goes to Ed's house undercover to confirm that Japopo's clams are the cause of the undead epidemic. Joel and Sheila Hammond are realtors leading a normal suburban life with their daughter Abby. Ron reveals that he turned some people and told them everything. Abby and Eric follow them discovering Sheila killed Gary. Due to the heat, the dead body exploded.

Joel tells Sheila that Dan knows about Gary. Abby tells her parents that Ramona is undead. Sheila wants to kill Loki for food and is willing to go alone. With the sheriff's department all over the neighborhood following Dan's disappearance, Sheila undertakes to eat him completely to hide the evidence but fails. Eric uses the man's bile to render a cure for Sheila's deterioration.

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