Dating guerlain boxes, angelaira s vintage perfumes guide to vintage shalimar

Dating a Guerlain Parapluie

You know what the kicker is? It seems to come and go without rhyme or reason. Picture below Photo from basenote member ayelfior.

One is sharper and much more defined, while the other is a lot more sloppy. The first type seems to be the most frequent, a purple flocked velvet box. Click on photo to open in new window in full size. More on the base marks much later. With regard to the dolphin label, I completely agree that the visuals were smoother, cleaner, more uniform, and more pristine in earlier bottles, dating afroromance especially with regard to the black trim.

The cork provided a somewhat elastic effect, hence nothing was destroyed. We adore this blog and This information is very good. Ultimately, though, the only real thing that makes an Avion bottle stand out is its rarity and, in my opinion, none of that matters as much as what the fragrance smells like. The word Shalimar is printed right on the bottle. It feels like there are letters raised on the bottom, but I can't make them out.

The size matters in particular because I have a tendency to hoard and to be extremely miserly when I only have a small amount of a fragrance that I adore. If I had known how many times it was going to be reformulated I would have. For me, at the end of the day, age and its impact on the scent will always be more important than packaging.

Click on photo to expand in new window in full size. The liquid is such a beautiful brown colour! Enjoy your rest and try not to turn into a cockroach. Hi all, my compliments for these wonderful pictures! Photo from ebay seller thepaintedpast.

  1. There are one or two photos of bottles of other Shalimar concentrations as well.
  2. See how the foot is much wider and thicker than the other bottle, also note that the label is also slightly different in shape.
  3. As Laura stated up above, trying to pass off the real thing as a dummy fake would be the reverse of the usual process.
  4. Just my thought, but I'm no expert!
Dating Shalimar - Again

Perfume Shrine Frequent Questions How to Date Guerlain Parure Bottles

There are a couple of other interesting things about this item if you look closely. Be that as it may, at least the height measurements can give you a general idea of when your bottle was produced. Now here it is in a black and white zebra box. This bottle with the clear stopper is a bottle of Eau de Toilette Splash. If you are able to get the picture of the base from the link, you will now have the elusive Cristal Romesnil acid etched logo photo.

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Basenotes - Dating Shalimar - Again

Another thing to look at is the colour of the velvet boxes themselves. It really is a brilliant piece of work. The juice is quite yellow. Hopefully some will find this, and find it helpful, and please, if you have information to add, share it!

  • None of this would be possible without your guide.
  • The Shalimar bat bottles are Baccarat and you can see how they gleam in the light.
  • And you know how I know that?
  • If it did so, it was not for much longer.
Dating guerlain boxes

You had us all worried there for a while. Yours seems to be monochrome with both a letter and Arabic numerals, while the sticker in the link above is red and blue with Roman numerals in the bottom left. After reading and re-reading and searching, it was only with your help I was ale to find a rich, deep smelling bottle of my own. When you receive your bottle, you may want to see what camera close-ups reveal. Photo from basenote member ayelfior.

You can click on the photo to open it in a large size in a separate window. You really should give the old Shalimar montre watch bottle cologne a try at some point, since it can often be had quite reasonably and if only for the knowledge. Do you like the scent of the one you bought? Though I thought for a moment someone might have cracked the vintage codes once and for all!

There is a market for factices so if you think of selling it I would suggest going in that direction. Any help would be much appreciated. My own bottle, just acquired today.

Dating guerlain boxes

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In my searching, I made a few potentially useful observations and as always came up with some new questions. Musette, ppl dating you're most welcome. The bottle on the right is older. Does anyone have a mother or grandmother who can remember Shalimar back this far and would remember the packaging? Do you know which decade they produced this bottle with the plastic top?

Old ladies and turkey are no laughing matter. That is unquestionably an Avion bottle. You definitely rekindled a fire for vintage-Shalimar in me. The stopper is lovely, grooved, old mom dating frosted glass.

How to date Guerlain bottles Archives - Kafkaesque

Dating guerlain boxes
Dating guerlain boxes

Thank you so much for this wonderful series! No decent seller could or should possibly refuse such a simple, reasonable, free best and easy request that involves nothing more than them getting out a ruler to measure their item from top to bottom. Shalimar Eau de Parfum and atomiser bottles. For more detail visit Google Play Gift Card code.

Raiders of the Lost Scent How to recognize GUERLAIN perfumes

And that bodes really, really well. Thank you in advance, Stacie. After reading your reaction, I feel as emotional as you do, cherie. What is the price differential between the two?

Angelaira s Vintage Perfumes Guide to Vintage Shalimar

Your writing inspired me to undertake my own rigorous e-Bay treasure hunt. Out of interest, how have you worked out the date of this batch code? And she said her eyes literally rolled back in their head at my Avion bottle extrait. This method of treating or cutting the glass was a newer thing because, previously, the letters on the base were etched in acid.

So one has to go through everything to figure out if the bottle was made for something like vegetale body oil, Shalimar, or an entirely different product. If there is a sticker on the bottle, look at their Sticker guide instead. Ahhhh I have realized a years-long dream.

Please keep updating this blog, it's been too long. It has the blue stopper which says Guerlain and is shaped like the one in the photo. Since the time I originally listed it, I have learned so much more about Guerlain Vintage. It's one of the few classic Guerlain bottles that has contained just one fragrance, as Guerlain had a habit of reusing its bottles for different perfumes until Jean-Paul Guerlain took over as nose. Their boxes have that black zig-zag print on it.

Thank you so much for this exhaustive and invaluable piece of research. It also has advice to switch the cork stopper for the crystal one when opening the bottle after the first use. These listings may look good on the surface but, if you arm yourself with knowledge, you can get much better deals elsewhere and some of them may end up to be astonishing bargains! Here is evidence those bottles exist. Make of that what you will.

Very nice perfumes submit in your article. Most of all, though, what a beautiful bottle of Shalimar you had! This is nowhere near complete, but I can find no definitive guide to vintage Shalimar bottles anywhere, so I am going to make my own out of cobbled together information, pictures, and links.

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