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The next day, Chyna is treated like a superstar. Cameron is annoyed by Olive, his locker neighbor, so he invents a story that her locker was built above an ancient burial ground and is haunted. In the end, it is revealed that Chyna accidentally overfed Hegel.

  1. Olive, Fletcher, and Angus help her get it back.
  2. Chyna and Olive decide to host their own slumber party when Lexi does not invite them to hers.
  3. They're arguing and Fletcher randomly kisses Olive.

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Zoltan finds out and fires a real Dorian Bannister, until Chyna and Fletcher confess. Sequoia Jones, a famous actress, arrives at Webster High and is looking for a prodigy to play in her movie. This user loves it when Folive smile at each other!

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Olive tells her to lie so she does not hurt Fletcher's feelings. Folive is the longest article on the A. Fletcher and Olive have a confusing friendship.

Because I always let you pay the check. Gibson is depressed about his grandma moving out, so Chyna and Fletcher try to cheer him up. Possibly hurt because it is coming from each other. Sometimes Olive is kind and caring towards him and other times she's mean and violent towards him. At Chyna's house, Fletcher comes dressed in a businessman getup, with a top hat and spectacle to match as an attempt to look older.

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How long will you ship Folive? Disney Channel Play It Loud. Don't get mad, but is Angus really part of the group with olive, Fletcher, and Chyna? That is one of my biggest fears. The list of Fanfictions for Folive can be viewed by clicking the picture.

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Olive becomes the new history teacher after the previous one quits due to Chyna unintentionally upsetting him. This user loves it when Olive and Fletcher fist bump. She soon gains a friendship with his chicken since they have so much in common, but unfortunately she has to feed it to Seth's alligator.

He is however friendly to everybody, even those who do not like him. Olive then moves into Chyna's locker to avoid the ghost, but ends up annoying Chyna to the point where she devises a scheme to make Olive face her fears. Chyna is excited about their relationship, while Angus is jealous. Fletcher and Olive are really close, dating photographs children's even though they bicker and argue.

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Do you think Folive will be endgame? Instead, Fletcher feeds it Seth's duck and later learns that it had been taught to speak. That guy looked like something off the Blue Man Group.

This user wishes this was a real Folive moment! Zoltan only asked Angus because of his strange sneeze. Folive is one of the most popular pairings from the show and has gained a lot of loyal shippers. Meanwhile, Fletcher agrees to help Cameron create a comic book character in order to get closer to Chyna.

  • This user thinks Folive is simliar to Cogan!
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  • Meanwhile, Lexi tries to find a boyfriend and chooses Seth, who is a fan of a comic called Garcon.
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Chyna, tired of Fletcher always asking her out, seeks advice from Lexi. He is also seen dating Kennedy. Fletcher begins dating Kennedy, dating speed but Chyna does not catch on to the plan. Do you think both Chyna and Angus will be okay with Folive dating?

When Fletcher kisses Olive's cheek. When they go on a date, Fletcher and Lexi sabotage their night. Whenever he is embarrassed or doesn't know what to say, he sometimes pretends to be frozen, thinking that no one can see him.

Who do you think will make the first move to kiss the other? He even dresses up as a dinosaur and gets featured in Cameron's video for Space Cadet. He also helps teach Chyna's dad a lesson. And also ghosts, vampires, witches, zombies, leprechauns, double decker buses, giraffes and curly fries Shudders. Once you made a userbox please add them to the Userboxes page!

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After failing in the first two challenges, Olive takes over and wins. It turns out that Cameron and Paisley were partners, their project being how to drive a calm person, Olive, to the brink of madness. Olive then later reveals it, after Chyna tries to get Fletcher and Olive to get along, which shocks both Chyna and Angus.

Farm and not remain a shipper. Farm and remain a Foliver. For other uses, see Ant farm disambiguation.

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Meanwhile, Lexi wants to have singing waitresses at Hippo's restaurant but Hippo has other forms of entertainment in mind. Chyna happily agrees, much to Olive and Fletcher's dismay. Chyna video chats Lexi and Lexi is jealous when she sees how much fun they are having, not knowing that it is a party scene from an old movie used as Chyna and Olive's background. Cole is just like Fletcher. However, only Olive, Fletcher and Angus get in because Zoltan had chosen another music prodigy whom everyone believes is Lexi.

Do you think Olive got a boyfriend to make Fletcher jealous? Are you satisfied with February months results? This user loves it when Fletcher smiles at Olive. Other times though, she's soft and caring towards him.

Meanwhile, Olive needs help with math. They argue from time to time and give each other insults, but they'll be there for each other whenever they need it. He then corrects himself saying her music's beautiful, even though he hasn't heard her play. Elsewhere, Fletcher and Angus ride the rollercoaster numerous times in order to get a good picture.

They had known each other for a long time before they met Chyna. Later on, Chyna arrives just in time for the show, and both Chyna and Lexi make it to the final round. Darryl tries finding other suitable jobs, but it is no use. You can view the Folive quotes by clicking here. Elsewhere, simpsons marge speed Lexi is devastated when everyone stops paying attention to her and instead pay attention to the morning announcements that Cameron hosts.

So here it is scene one of my fan-made spin-off show, enjoy. Olive teases Fletcher a lot, however, this may just be her way of showing her feelings about him. In the end, Chyna admits that she misses her friends and family, so she decides to go back to San Francisco. This user will forever be a true Foliver! Even though they don't act like it most of the time, online dating nasik they care about each other and they'll be there for each other whenever they need it.

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