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After that they messed up. But thank goodness everybody else has better plans, and they conspire against the mastermind. As her crime-record accumulates he tries to protect her. Hope the next tvN Oh Boy series will be as good as this.

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This is done so to conjure a romantic ambiance. Yoon-Jung accidentally calls a stranger, instead of her boyfriend, and has phone sex with the unknown man. Loved the two loyal minions of Seung Pyo. But I'm not too worried because they avoided the usual silly things in dramaland so I'm sure it is going to rock my toes until the very end.

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  3. It was too sudden like often happens in kdramaland.
  4. Byung-hoon arrives at the theater, staggering from the ordeal of forcing himself to drive, and Moo-jin joins him.
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  6. Love the drama so far, so I sincerely hope the writers don't sway from their fresh, unique twists to something makjang.
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But its K-drama land and this drama wouldn't end as a rom-com. There is a formula that romantic comedies stick to. He shuffles away and wonders where the boys are. It felt perfect for the moment and was just the thing to mitigate the stress of a packed season, drama- and life-wise. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Moo-jin and Hye-ri's scene in the restaurant worried me more than anything else in this episode. However, I stuck to recaps so thank you for that! Didn't Master hold him responsible for his brother's death?

The Fangirl Verdict

  • But when Byeong-hun sees Hee-joong's profile, he begins to doubt their abilities.
  • Annoyed with Seung-pyo and Byung-hoon.
  • The whole incident with his friends felt dragged and rushed at the end.

Dating Agency Cyrano (Series) - TV Tropes

Dating Agency Cyrano

It's pretty much in-character of him to do so. But Hawaiian Shirt sneers that their so-called principles never stopped them before. Really surprised by Master, did not know that actor. Hye Ri was suspicious from the start, but her making Moo Jin come out of shell somewhat made us forgo the things we thought were wrong with her.

So since the beginning, it was part of the plan. Yi-seol and Seung-pyo sit down for an awkward chat. Watch our trailer of trailers. And with a gangster, doubly so, since you'll often be doing things which you might have emotional issues with threatening nice people, hurting other nice people, etc. Please enter your username or email address.

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Byung-hoon gets to the baseball field first and watches the team warming up, and gets passive-aggressive about throwing the ball back at the cheating ex. Overall this drama was a nice rom-com. Its not always idealistic, ending in a happily ever after. Korean with English subtitles A huge box office hit in Korea, this action-packed romantic comedy pits two former lovers now both working a secret mission to infiltrate the Russian mob. As she grew up, she became ugly.

That was a great kiss at the end, but I felt as usual the guy did all the work. Well, Javabeans, you've summed up pretty much how I felt after the finale. In a way, these characters are still alive, still getting into hijinks and still relying on each other. To be sure, Hong Jong Hyun is pretty stiff in this role, and there is definitely room for him to have done more with the character of Moo Jin. So depending on your taste, dating cigar smokers you can indulge in your kind of eye-candy.

How did Hye Ri know him before? The writers have done a good job at subverting stereotypes so far though, most popular so I have confidence that they'll do it again although this stereotype is just a bit too cheesy to be believable. It is only until a year later that he starts to know her personally and develops a feeling towards her despite her own problems.

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Cyrano Agency

Dating Agency Cyrano Korean Drama

No you didn't miss anything. Yeah, everything you said! And not as someone else plans?

And I really liked seeing Lee Chunhee here. But that does seem pretty far-fetched, problem with dating since we've been given no indication that Hye-ri wasn't sincere and sweet up until now. It's not heavy and melodramatic and dumb. There has to be a third person spying on them.

This proves that Seung Pyo does not need the agency staging situations for him. Promotional poster for Cyrano Agency. Finally, they explained why Arang started working at the agency in the episodes with the love triangle between him, Ray and that girl. We are exclusively dating and he is great!

The Cyrano Agency is a dating agency which helps people who can't date to have a love life. Dating Agency Cyrano Favorite. One thing that puzzled me is - how in the world did Crazy manage to get their hands on that letter, the very source of Cyrano's first setup? Eh, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

This is her first major acting role besides a supporting one in Soonjung Manhwa and I think she did well. We should have known this couple was too happy and cute. Lalalalalala not the same character names. Too busy helping their clients.

There were too many stories left unfinished. Working hard has become a habit. And unless Seung-pyo's gangster background made him completely clinical, it really has no bearing on how he would have reacted in that situation.

Dating Agency Cyrano
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